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6 Inspiring Instagram Accounts Teens should Follow

Updated: Oct 15, 2022

What accounts do you follow on Instagram?

Studies show that users between the ages 18-25 years old are the only age group to see a decrease in social media use since 2019.

Another survey was conducted, Gen-Z reported less use of every social app, except TikTok.

Why is this so? You might ask.

With the rate of negativity, toxicity, click baits happening in social apps are alarming, this reduces the usage of most of these apps.

One thing you should know, no matter the rate of negativity going on online. There are also inspiring accounts that spread positivity daily.

I compiled 6 of them in this post. Follow these accounts and always engage with them. You'll learn a lot.

Let's start.

1) Amy Poehler's Smart Girls

A remarkable platform that encourages young people especially women that they can change the world just by being themselves.

Every young female is strongly recommended to follow this organization because they help young girls solve life issues in a funny yet informative way.

They encourage you to celebrate your truest self. Follow them here.

2) Reading for growth

Do you know that 6 additional minutes of reading per day can significantly improve your reading performance?

In case you are having a hard time finding books to read, Reading for growth helps recommend books to read and also review non-fiction books.

Follow them here.

3) The Shira Rose

Now let's talk about having a positive body image.

The Shira Rose helps promote positive body self-talk.