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BYAN School Project

This is an outreach program that aims at influencing the character and behavior of young people to enlighten and transform their mind and thereby cause positive changes in their way of life.

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Blazing Youngsters And Achievers network presents WAKA Waka Musical theatre as they tours different Schools, churches and communities in the United states of America


School Cultural Outreach

BYAN Inc is dedicated to raising a new generation of African global leaders. The organization is using cultural musical theater and activities to visit schools and interact with the young ones and empower them to make a difference in the society.


This is our full musical theatre school excursion package which showcases the rich culture of Nigeria in dance, music, drama, and mime complemented by spectacular lighting and colorful costumes for an unforgettable theatrical experience.  Our Musical Shows has a phenomenal effect and an amazing way of always bringing teachers, and students together. Changing society for the better: It's why we choose to do what we do. We aim at challenging and reshaping the status quo which guides all we do at Blazing youngsters and achievers network.

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