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The Blazing Youngsters Light House


Introducing, The light House! 

I guess you've heard this song. this little light of mine, I'm going to make it shine. 

The lighthouse program is here to bring hope to worried parents and our society. The first of its kind that will open a world of discoveries for our young ones.

Get ready for a program that will challenge and empower the youths with cultural enrichment activities, team building, and leadership events and a focus on the prevention of risky behaviors.


Lighthouse has exciting and incredible packages that will meet the youths' spiritual, cultural, and social needs like;  Fitness drills, tasking games, competitions, skills and cultural exhibitions, character testing drills, worship and bible teachings, games, and lots of prizes to be won.

This program will focus on building their morals and character while discovering themselves and striving to be better.

Lighthouse will ignite a positive light that will light up the lives of every young person within its reach, making them someone their parents and society will be proud of.  


Talent Show Entry Form

Thanks for submitting!

Program Schedule

  • Fill out the Entry Form

  • You will receive an email and a participant number

  • create 3 videos

  1. Introductory video about yourself or your group (pitch)​

  2. A video showcasing your talent and skills

  3. A reference video from family or friends who can attest to your talents, achievement, and characters.

  • Submit the Video on either TikTok Or Youtube and submit the link to our email​

  • Videos will be posted on our social media pages and the best will be chosen for Auditons online

  • Final contestants will be announced and further on be voted to get the winner

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