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35 Positive Affirmations to Build Self-Confidence (for Teens)

Navigating life can be challenging for a teenager.

As a teenager, you are coming to terms with how to live in the real world.

You are faced with the realities of life.

Everything seems new to you.

Most times coping feels unattainable.

When the pressures of this world starts to get a hold of you, negativity crawls in like a thief in the night. You start doubting yourself, trying to fit in, or feeling not enough. This is when it's important to build self-confidence.

Being confident in yourself can help you attain heights and achieve your dreams. A self-confident teen is happy and full of life. While a less confident one succumbs to depression and low self-esteem.

In this post, I'll be outlining positive affirmations for teens that can help you build your self-confidence. You can incorporate this into your daily routine and manifest the life you deserve.

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What is Positive Affirmation?

Before we look at examples of positive affirmations, let's understand what it means. Positive Affirmations are short sentences or phrases that help us manifest what we want. They can help you battle negative thoughts and poor self-image.

When you say these words to yourself daily and believe in them, you will start transitioning to what you want to be. Positive Affirmations not only boost your confidence but also calms your nerves, make you feel at peace with yourself, readjust your mind and increase your self-worth.

Positive Affirmations are used effectively for the following:

  • Improve your self-esteem.

  • Boost your productivity.

  • Complete your projects.

  • Sleep better.

  • Conquer bad habits.

  • Develop positive thoughts.

  • Build your self-confidence.

Examples of Positive Affirmations to boost your


  • I am choosing to be kind.

  • I am strong and capable

  • I believe in myself.

  • I am amazing and awesome.

  • I don't compare myself to others.

  • I can achieve my dreams.

  • I can do whatever I set my heart to do.

  • I am enough.