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Blazing Life Codes

Blazing Life Codes

SKU: 364215376135191

Every young person and child that can read needs a practical guide to learn and adopt the values that is necessary to succeed in life. We always think that we are good until we search deep within our soul and dig out those tiny foxes that ruin the vineyard. Yes we may not be able to learn all from our home or school but when we read books like this we can work on developing the right values that will make us trailblazers. To make the world a better place we need this daily guide that can help us to behave right and get rid of all the bad characters that will hinder us from achieving our potentials.


    This is a workbook for youths and its filled teachings on different virtues and vices to avoid. It also has inspirational  stories that explain why they should adopt these virtues and it also hasfun word puzzles for game activity. This work book is apractical manual to use to record the changes and improvements a youth to make in his or her life to make them better.


    Depending on your location it will take not less than one week to ship

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