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70+ Fun Summer Ideas for Teens

It’s summertime!

You’re a teen and you’re figuring out some ideas to make your summer fun and exciting and free from boredom ( though it’s okay to be bored sometimes - it helps to bring up ideas).

I compiled a massive list of ideas so you’ll have a fun and incredible summer. Well, these ideas are not for teens alone. Children and adults can do this and have fun.

So here are ideas you can consider for summer, you can make a list of those you'd like and I hope you have an awesome one.

Summer Ideas for teens

  • Read at least one book a week

  • Learn how to bake

  • Learn to cook a meal you have never tried before

  • Learn some dance moves

  • Make a playlist of your best songs as a soundtrack for summer

  • Plan a tug-of-war game with friends

  • Do something kind for someone—a neighbor, a family member, or a complete stranger.

  • Redecorate and rearrange your room

  • Learn a technical skill like coding

  • Draw, paint, or collage a portrait.

  • Explore your city and visit top attractive places.

  • Write a play with your friends.

  • Go on a photo safari.

  • Have an indoor or outdoor picnic.

  • Send handwritten letters to your friends and family. Write it yourself

  • Design your room with crafts

  • Visit a museum

  • Start Journalling

  • Organize a picnic with friends

  • Learn a new language.

  • Create a channel on Youtube and make a vlog

  • Start a blog (on Blogger, or WordPress).

  • Make a fruit salad

  • Prepare dinner for the family

  • Bake a homemade pizza.

  • Have an ice cream feast. You can buy different flavors of ice cream and enjoy it alone, or with family and friends!

  • Taste a food you've never tried before.

  • Make non-alcoholic cocktails

  • Play card games like solitaire.

  • Be a volunteer

  • Visit the library and read your unusual collection of books..

  • Write letters to your favorite person or grandparents (if alive).

  • Practice voice mimics

  • Rearrange the furniture in the sitting room to give it a new look.

  • Organize a garden party with friends.

  • Learn phrases in a foreign language.

  • Be a high scorer in your favorite game

  • Take some nice photographs of your neighborhood.

  • Listen to a new song

  • Write a song.

  • Phone a friend you haven’t talked to in a while.

  • Spend a day without watching T.V or going on the computer. (did you roll your eyes? Try it and see how it goes )

  • Go to a cinema alone.

  • Join or even start a book club

  • Learn a new dance move

  • Have a picnic in a park

  • Go to the swimming pool, and if you can't swim, take swimming lessons.

  • Tackle a DIY task

  • Do a karaoke

  • Go to a music concert

  • Practice Yoga at home

  • Start a photo-a-day summer project.

  • Learn how to play the ukulele

  • Work on a puzzle

  • Write a poem

  • Write a story

  • Go to a sports event with family or friends

  • Recreate a recipe for your favorite meal

  • Make dinner for the family

  • Show kindness to a stranger.

  • Learn a Tiktok dance

  • Go to the beach and inhale the air

  • Host a barbecue

  • Listen to audiobooks

  • Plant a vegetable garden

  • Try a new lobby

  • Have a movie marathon

  • Participate in competitions

  • Grow your spiritual life

  • Have some alone time. It helps for reflection

You can have a box of memories and document your experiences. Fill it with your photos, letters, and paper. Keep it to remind you of your amazing summer!

Have fun and stay safe!

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