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5 Practical Tips to Stay Focused in Class

Updated: Jul 7, 2022

Are you having a hard time concentrating in class? Maybe you are wondering how you can focus better and stop getting easily distracted while lessons are going on.

Or, you’re one of those that keep listening but never grab a single thing. While others are busing taking notes, you can’t get what to write about so you keep staring. And, when it seems you’ve listened enough, you doze off.

Understand that focusing during class lectures will help you succeed in class and graduate with better grades. Getting distracted or not focusing in class will do the opposite.

So which would you choose?

I guess focusing in class, right? Great!

In this article, I’ll show you 5 tips that can help you focus better in class.

Let’s get started,

1. Always have a mental picture of your future

Now, this is very important, having a mental picture of your future will propel you to focus and perform better in class. Let the picture of your future be at the frontline of your mind.

Why should you concentrate in class? What are your goals when you graduate and how can your focus help you get there?

You can write down your reasons and paste them on your desk (If it’s permitted at your school) or keep it very close to you in class. It’ll help motivate you even when it’s very hard.

As you keep focusing, you’ll give yourself a pat on the back when you achieve your goals.

2. Get Enough Sleep

What you do the night before preparing for school the next day is important. Do you stay up all night watching Netflix or cartoons? Or, are you amongst those that can stay hours nonstop playing video games or watching youtube videos?

Let me ask you, how can you expect to focus in class when you aren’t getting enough sleep every night? When you practice healthy habits like getting enough sleep, your body will run properly which will help you concentrate better in class.

Take good care of yourself and give your body enough rest it deserves.

3. Remove distractions

Do you always have a nudge or two to check your phone during classes? Maybe you feel checking your phone for 5 minutes wouldn’t distract you.

In a bid to do that for just 5 minutes, you encounter a beautiful video and then you keep watching more of those till you cannot remember the last thing you’re teacher talked about or even what you’re learning.

Leaving your phone switched on in class isn’t a good idea. If you want to focus better, I’ll advise you to put it off and put off all notifications. You can also put your phone on airplane mode till you’re done with class.

Checking your phone isn’t the only distraction you might encounter in class. Maybe you sit around people or friends that discuss while a class is going on, the best thing to do is, change your sitting position to a better place where you’ll concentrate better.

Don’t feel like your friends might feel bad if you sit elsewhere, remember that this is your future, not theirs. Note that if they’re truly your friends with your best interests at heart, they’ll understand why you did that.

Another is, sitting close to a window. In a situation you get distracted by the noise and stare at the direction the noise is coming from. Or, the fresh air coming in from the window is so sleep-worthy that you can’t help but sleep off. Like I recommended changing positions previously, do the same here.

Also, your thoughts can distract you, so focus and be in the present. You are in control of your mind, your mind isn’t in control of you. Don’t give it that power.

Focus and do away with any distractions that come during class. You can do this.

4. Take thorough notes

Taking notes can seem daunting sometimes, especially with a subject you are very familiar with or even dislike. You feel that you don’t need to take the stress of writing it down on paper.

Whether you are familiar with a subject or not, taking notes will help you understand the subject better because you will write it in ways that you would. Taking notes will help you focus better so you are able to understand what the teacher is teaching, put it down on paper for review during tests and exams. Doing this can also help you remember faster.

Taking notes helps you concentrate actively because if you don’t, there will be no notes to write. So, always take thorough notes during notes.

5. Be active in class discussions

Here’s the thing, when you are actively participating in class discussions, it will help concentrate more, listen attentively because you would want to hear what other students are saying and respond to it.

If you’re not naturally outspoken, then this is the time for you to change that. Making contributions in class now and then would not only help you focus in class, it will also help you improve your confidence.

Don’t worry if your answer might not be the right one or think that your contribution might be off-topic or even stupid. Remember that you are in school to learn and while learning mistakes are bound to occur.

So make your contributions and ask your questions, no matter how difficult they may seem. Your answer or contribution might just be what everyone is thinking about. So, contribute before someone says it, and you end up saying to yourself “ I had this in mind".

Endeavor to participate actively in class discussions.

Let’s recap

5 tips to help you focus in class:

  • Always have a mental picture of your future

  • Get enough sleep

  • Remove distractions

  • Take notes

  • Be active in class discussions

Focusing in class is more like one of the steps you have to climb to the top of your ladder (future). So, don’t play with it or lose yourself to distractions. When stay focused, you’ll graduate with better grades or turn to be the best in your class. And when you achieve that, you’ll be proud of yourself and your parents will be proud too.

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